Wood and mind

Our history is rooted back in the twenties of the past century when great-grandfather Aristide, an experienced carpenter from Agnosine (Brescia district) who had just returned from Australia where working for 10 years had earned enough capital to start his own business in Italy, had the intuition to manufacture and sell a heating device for the bed (then known as “nun” or “priest “) in a period when home heating was poor.
It was an immediate success, so that he extended the product range with many other items for home use such as hi-end coat hangers, outdoor furniture, valet stands, step ladders, ironing boards, etc.
The grandson Aldo, driven by the evolution of taste and the inputs from domestic and foreign customers, began to renew and further extend the product range in an original way, both in terms of design and materials.
In 1988 the small company became limited adopting the name ARIS, great-grandfather Aristide’s family nickname, to ideally maintain a connection with the founder.
The story goes on with the great-grandson Michele and all the people who work alongside him with great passion and dedication.

Why choose Aris

Having chosen from the very beginning a high-level production for a selected clientele, we have always maintained a sober profile, favoring uncompromising quality.
Those who turn to us know they are getting the best of Made in Italy.
Our Biblio stepladders, with their unrivaled aesthetics and run in the rigorous quality tests of the LNE institute during the design phase, are among the few in wood up to EU safety standards.
Our valet stands, the widest range on the market entirely manufactured in Italy, aside from guaranteeing the essential functionality, are stylish and original.
Our trouser presses, even in the best tradition, are ultramodern and boast the VDE quality mark for electrical devices.
Our ironing tables are aimed at those who appreciate the purity and beauty of wood, even for an instrumental function.
Our coat hangers, in their simplicity, are authentic small works of art.
Our clothes drying rack, with its truly original design that winks at the same time to tradition and modernity, is of incomparable practicality.

And so on for all our other models, luggage racks, stools, etc.
Each product is created by our design department, subjected to multiple functional and quality trials and tested after the production process.
Over the years we have added a range of bathroom aid products to the traditional wooden assortment, also for people with disabilities, using different materials.
Each model is conceived to meet specific needs with the same design and production approach that we have always adopted.
Bathtub and shower seats, stools, grab rails, shower platforms, etc. all high functional, top-quality and aesthetically pleasant items.
The swivel seat 2117, adaptable to the bathtub on the right and left side, with adjustable backrest, exemplifies our technique and our accuracy.
Our “mission” is satisfing our customers in all the 5 continents, with timely deliveries and consistent support, welcoming suggestions and advices in order to constantly improve, to honor the excellence of Made in Italy.

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